quinta-feira, agosto 9

A arte do ridiculo

Big Med: «Atul Gawande usa uma cadeia de restaurantes de sucesso  como modelo de reflexão para extrair lições e traçar paralelos com o sistema de saúde, e, em última análise, concluir, depois de uma visita a uma das cozinhas do “Cheesecake Factory”, que a industrialização da prestação de cuidados de saúde não pode ser uma coisa tão má assim.» link
Merece a pena transcrever a crítica contundente ao célebre cirurgião articulista no idioma original.
«If you're a fan of star surgeon overachiever Atul Gawande, then reading his New Yorker article "Big Med" is a must. The rest of us skeptics should still use the article to signal our health care adroitness by knowingly referring to the "Cheesecake Factory" in our policy medical meetings, conferences, PowerPoints and bloggery.
What he wrote: Dr. Gawande uses the successful restaurant chain to extract lessons and draw health system parallels, ultimately concluding, after a visit to one of their kitchens, that the industrialization of health care delivery may not be such a bad thing. While the Factory's hibachi steak is personally prepared to the consumer's specifications, its final sizzling tasty presentation is really the product of inventory control, fine-tuned assembly line prep that leads to the expert cook, all of which are under intense quality oversight.
The same business model of mass customization should be applied to total knee replacements and ICU stays, says Dr. Gawande. And in order for that to happen, it'll mean transforming our small independent hospitals into big chain factories that can marshall the financial and intellectual capital to get patients out of bed, off the breathing machine and in their home with a minimum length of stay.
At the center of this value chain is the cook (surgeon or ICU specialist) who relies on standardized ingredients (devices or drugs) that are assembled (delivered) using a standard prep (guideline or protocol). That's when the cook can use his or her personal grilling expertise to gauge the doneness of the steak and properly fluff the mashed potatoes. In Gawande-World, the surgeon-cook can have his cake (professional independence) and eat it too (by reducing variation).»
É o risco que correm determinados experts da nossa praça, feitos stars, na ânsia de agradar ao grande público simplificam, simplificam, até à queda no ridiculo.