terça-feira, abril 17

Privatização da Saúde

Hospitals taken out of public ownership
The NHS white paper says (section 4.21):

Our ambition is to create the largest and most vibrant social enterprise sector in the world. ... As all NHS trusts become foundation trusts, staff will have an opportunity to transform their organisations into employee-led social enterprises that they themselves control, freeing them to use their front-line experience to structure services around what works best for patients.

A social enterprise is not a public body, it is not owned by the state and hence is not owned by the public. The white paper suggests that a narrow section of the public will own the social enterprises (employee-led) but this can no more be described as "public ownership" than a de-mutualised building society. Indeed, social enterprises are exempt from Freedom of Information requests, showing that they are not public bodies. If a social enterprise hospital is not a public body then it can only be described as a private business. At best, the mechanism of changing hospitals into social enterprise can be called de-nationalising, but the most accurate term is privatisation.
...Lá como cá o objectivo fundamental é a privatização da Saúde.