sábado, novembro 17

Gastos sociais e crise

«The global economic crisis has had a major impact on the share of economic resources absorbed by the welfare state. New OECD social expenditure data show that, on average across the OECD, public social spending-to-GDP ratios increased from around 19% in 2007 to 22% of GDP in 2009/11 and estimates for 2012 (see note to Chart 1) suggest it has remained high since.
There have been wide differences between countries, with some much more affected by the crisis than others. For example, between 2007/08 and 2011/12, the decline in real social spending (and real GDP) was largest in Greece.
In Greece and Hungary, real public social spending in 2011/12 was 13% to 14% lower than in 2007/08. But even though still higher than in 2007/08 other countries have seen a decline in real spending since hitting a peak in 2009 in Iceland and Ireland, 2010 in Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, and 2011 in the Czech Republic and Slovenia.»
Em tempo de crise, os gastos sociais crescem na maioria dos países da OCDE. Contra a corrente, os PIGS, onde o impacto da crise é maior,  resistem a custo aos cortes drásticos (a eito) da despesa (saúde, segurança social).

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