domingo, novembro 12

Futuro incerto

Whats a Glance says that all OECD countries have seen life expectancy at birth increase by over 10 years since 1970 to reach an average of 80.6 years. Life expectancy at birth is highest in Japan (83.9 years), and Spain and Switzerland (83 years each), and lowest in Latvia (74.6) and Mexico (75).

«In a number of countries there have been significant turnarounds in annual growth rates in health spending in the years before, compared with after the financial crisis. In Greece, strong annual growth increases were reversed after 2009 (5.4% vs. -5.0%). A similar if less dramatic picture is also observed in Portugal (2.2% vs. -1.3%). In general, health spending growth slowed down in the vast majority of OECD countries and preliminary figures or estimations for 2016 still point to negative or near-zero growth in a few.» 
What a Glance 2017 link
Tendo em conta as actuais dificuldades, resultado do pesado desinvestimento da Saúde, infligido por Paulo Macedo nos anos de maior crise, não será surpresa  a queda  drástica destes indicadores num futuro bem próximo!